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Videoconferencing Equipment
Videoconference Multppoint
Satellite Videoconferencing

  By Satellite, Fiber or Internet IP
Munn Productions has over 40 years experience
in audio/visual

We provide videoconferencing in either two-way compressed digital phone
lines format or satellite/fiber transmission with live camera production.

For our business clients' occasional videoconferencing use,
we offer multipoint rental suites available on a low hourly rate.

MP's Client range:

Corporate Communications  Bank of America, USAIR, Umbro International Sports Products and Rexam Corporation.
Distance Learning  University of  North Carolina  Chapel Hill-Charlotte, North Carolina Community Colleges, North Carolina Bar Association, UNC Greensboro, State of South Carolina and Winthrop University. 
Telemedicine  Wake Forest University Bowman Gray School of Medicine, Forsyth Memorial Health Care Centers and Blue Cross/Blue Shield. 

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