Munn Productions  "Shaggin' On The Strand"TM Shag videos
The Original and Most Recommended
with Charlie Womble & Jackie McGee
  Available on DVD or VHS
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Professionally Produced by Commercial Broadcasters
in a  Television Studio

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Charlie & Jackie's Legendary Basic
shaggin' On The StrandTM
"Learn To Shag Lessons"
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Shaggin' On the Strand (TM) - Learn To Shag Lessons with Charlie & Jackie

Instructors Charlie & Jackie are:

  • 9-time National Shag Dance Champions 
  • Members - Shaggers Hall of Fame 
  • Shag Dance "Couple of the Decade" 
  • U.S. Open Team Champions 
  • U.S. Open Swing Dance Champions 
  • 11 years Undefeated on Pro Shag Circuit 
  • 3-time Feather Award Winners 
  • Producers of the SOS Grand Nationals 
Learn these great Shag steps:

Now you can learn this legendary Myrtle Beach, SC
dance or improve your Shagging in the privacy of your
own home with videotaped step-by-step instruction
on tape by these renowned champions. 

Watch and learn the easy way as they explain
and demonstrate each
step, using close-up shots and
slow motion. You can stop action
or repeat it yourself,
moving at your own pace until you get it right.

Professionally produced in a television studio by the
creators of
the first shag videos and classic national TV
beach music and Championship Shaggers program:

Shaggin' On The StrandTM

For private use only.  Federal law provides severe penalties for reproduction, distribution or exhibition of copyrighted videotapes. Program content ©2010 Munn & Associates, Inc.  "Shaggin' On The Strand" is a 2010 trademark of  Munn & Associates, Inc.   All rights reserved.
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 "SHAGGIN' ON THE STRAND"TM 2013 Television Schedule
WSPA-TV, Spartanburg, SC, Saturday, July 6th, 2pm-3pmEDT
WYCW-TV, Spartanburg/Asheville, Sunday, July 21, 4am-5amEDT

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