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Award Winning Farrier Mike Stine  Mike Stine Equine Dynamics

Mike Stine from Horse Sense In Horse Care From Foal To Old video Mike Stine host of Horse Sense In Horse Care From Foal To Old video
Mike Stine host of Horse Sense In Horse Care From Foal To Old video

International Massage Therapist & Saddle Fitter Ray Morris Ray Morris

Ray Morris from Horse Sense In Horse Care From Foal To Old video
Saddlefitter Ray Morris featured in "Horse Sense In Horse Care From Foal To Old" Ray Morris of Horse Sense In Horse Care From Foal To Old video

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Press Releases

November  2008
Mike Stine assisted Kentuckian, R.E. Redden, DVM with a serious case of equine
chronic laminitis at the NC State University College of Veterinary Medicine. The
University veterinary facilities allowed the treatment to be administered with the
horse in a sling apparatus. The sling will be required for future follow up visits as well.
The goal is to enhance the healing environment using surgical and therapeutic shoeing
mechanics. These techniques are designed to reverse the processes that caused the
severely comprised condition of the laminitic hooves. In between Dr. Redden's visits,
Mike Stine will also be working on the case with Veterinarians Dr. Richard Mansmann
and Dr. Tracy Brown.  The horse's body condition and attitude have improved since
Dr. Redden and Stine began working with it three weeks previously.

October 2008

Mike Stine is the farm farrier for Far and Away Farm in Camden, SC which breeds,
raises and trains Thoroughbreds. On October 9, 2008, their mare "BURST OF LIGHT"
won the 1 mile turf race at Louisiana Downs Racetrack with a time of 1:37:09. The mare
was trained by Gregg Pickrell of Far and Away Farm, who owns the mare jointly
with Nora Keehn.  Ms. Gregg Prickrell credits farrier Mike Stine with bringing the
horse back to the track sound, which translated to a great race for "BURST Of LIGHT"
and Jockey Patrick Velanzuela, especially since it was his 4000th win!

June 2008
Mike Stine will be evaluating horses at one of the training sessions for the United
States Equestrian Federation endurance teams. The riders and horses are preparing for
2008 Endurance World Championship in Terranganu, Malaysia, in November.
Mike will
be offering helpful information on how trimming and shoeing affects
performance as well as
evaluating the individual horses.
As part of  the educational
program, Mike will
use "Dolly" - a real pony skeleton - to help demonstrate how all the
systems in the horse
work together.  He hopes putting all the pieces together
will help the USA teams be successful
at the Endurance World Championship!


On June 21st & 22nd, 2008, Mike evaluated the individual horses at the training
session and passed along his assessments to the USEF. They will determine
the six competitors who will represent the US at the World Championship.
Mike also gave a presentation on factors effecting performance.  The information
was very well received by the riders. Many of the riders are also farriers that shoe
their own endurance mounts.
The training also included sessions with a riding
instructor and evaluations by the Chef d'Equip and a team of veterinarians.
The USEF hopes getting the input of these professionals will give competitors
an edge at the 2008 Endurance World Championship!

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