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Why audio-visual media is a powerful tool

Audio-visual media (AV) involves the use of both sound and pictures to pass on information to a targeted audience either for marketing purposes, entertainment or education. New technology is becoming among the most common topics in the society with screen technologies becoming the most relevant to many areas which include communication and knowledge development. The most common aural and pictorial applications that are substantially used in the modern world include video tapes, digital video disks, compact disks, television programs and cinemas. Its availability in almost all aspects of our lives shows that it is a very power tool that has the ability to deliver without failure.


Use in marketing

Audio and video have been identified as an essential part of organizational marketing with many companies taking advantage of it to get to millions of potential customers worldwide. As it is commonly stated, just a 1-minute clip can be worth more than a million words getting to the viewers. What else would a company need? This method of communication is a powerful marketing tool because it offers precise information, it is first, and it increases message retention and also builds a multimedia experience allowing you to engage with the audience. Whatever the goal of the marketing is, an organization can create creative video clips where they explain, educate and inform and can easily be shared on other social media platforms.


Use in education

Just like in marketing, AV technology has become a very essential tool for education in schools today. This is because; it creates an interacting learning environment for the students and also instills the learner with IT skills that can be used in future careers. As the students interact with AV technology, they become more proficient, and their learning process is stimulated and thus ensures more understanding.

Therefore, there is no denying that this is a powerful tool in both marketing and education in today’s global business environment.